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Monkey Mofo Reviews
Posted in :Reviews on January 23rd 2014

Monkey Mofo Hands-On Preview

Pushing forward into the later stages actually provides an extremely rewarding feeling of gaining extra intelligence as has become very popular with other brain-tasking titles in the recent past. Read more..

By Jon Ireson real gamer newz

I have already evolved an addiction

Graphics got me into a retro feeling straight away, and those catchy soundtracks fit in well. Colourful maps full of juicy fruit can improve the mood. The title might be misleading, but this is a friendly casual game. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good brain challenge. Read more ..

By Dolores RX6 Gaming News


Monkey Mofo Pc Demo
Posted in :Monkey Mofo on October 16th 2013

Lucky Red Fish announce a PC demo of Monkey Mofo which is a fast flowing colourful 3d action puzzle game that presents a challenge that will have gamers coming back for more. Throughout the multi levelled platform experience – collect all the fruit on a level and make it safely to the exit. Each new world introduces a new challenge to the player in which adds a new layer of complexity, in addition to the challenges from the previous worlds.

If you haven't played Monkey Mofo yet, a playable demo of Monkey Mofo can be downloaded from

Monkey Mofo
Posted in :videos on January 20th 2014

The official Monkey Mofo gamplay trailer. 





Out Now on Android, IOS , PC, Mac and Blackberry

Monkey Mofo Release
Posted in :Monkey Mofo on January 10th 2014

Well its been 2 years in the making and I have finished it :) The finnished game has over 180 levels split over 18 worlds. Allthough the game leads you in gently and teaches you everything you need to know, the later levels are tricky and offer a challenge to even the smartest game players.




Out NOW on PC, Mac, Blackberry, iOs and Android.

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