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Tonga Asset Pack
Posted in :press on January 10th 2013

Lucky Red Fish know how important assets are to the press and media when they are writing about our games, so we have created 2 asset packs for Tonga. 


11 high quality 1028x802 screen shots in jpeg format.


A 600x800 verticle box art image in jpeg format.


A 1920x1186 high quality focus screen in jpeg format.


A 1412x768 high quality front end background screen in jpeg format.


1 square cut game icon 512x512 in png format


1 rounded game icon 1024x1024 in png format


1 Tonga Logo 785x214  in png format


3 youtube video links 


Tonga press release in word 97 format


Tonga text document  in word 97 format


The press releases for Tonga are here.

Extra Tonga Assets Pack
Posted in :press on January 10th 2013


6 high quality images at 800x600 angled Moai in png format. 


1500x600 high quality game map background in jpeg format.


5  high quality images at 512x512 of the Moai head.


16 high quality images at 256x256 of the game gems in png format. 


16 high quality images at 128x128 of the game coins in png format. 


20 high quality images at  256x256 of the game balls in png format. 


19 high quality images at  256x256 of the element counts and powerups in png format.