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Monkey Mofo
Posted in :videos on January 20th 2014

The official Monkey Mofo gamplay trailer. 





Out Now on Android, IOS , PC, Mac and Blackberry

Lets play a little Monkey Mofo
Posted in :videos on January 19th 2014

How to play Monkey Mofo without dying


Tonga show reel
Posted in :videos on December 20th 2012


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Monkey Mofo Gameplay
Posted in :videos on October 18th 2013

Well here it is the Monkey Mofo gamplay trailer. 



Comming soon on Android, IOS , PC, Mac and Blackberry

Monkey Mofo Teaser
Posted in :videos on May 19th 2013

Well here it is the Monkey Mofo teaser, I would suggest you make it full screen prior to viewing to get the most from it. 



The teaser took me a week to produce using 3dsmax with the actual rendering time taking 9 hours on a 64-bit machine.

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