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Lucky Red Fish
Posted in :who are we on November 19th 2012

Lucky Red Fish is a quirky and innovative mobile app development studio, specializing in cross-platform games, and with a track record of producing some of the most original games of modern times.


In 1982 founder Patricia Curtis started writing games for the Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum, Patricia Curtis became a conversion house for leading entertainment brands including British Telecom, Sega, Activision and the Mirror Group. Today with their selected publishing partners, In 2012 Patricia Curtis started Lucky Red Fish her partner Thy Tran to create original games for iOSAndroid, Windows, OSX and beyond.

Team of Two
Posted in :who are we on November 19th 2012

The team

Patricia Curtis: programmer, artist, and games designer. Patricia started writing games in 1980 for the Commodore 64 and later went on to the Amiga and Atari ST, creating original titles, like Scorpius, Street Warriors, Traitor and Zyconix.


As well as producing some classic original titles she has also been responsible for porting some of the best known games of our time, like Teen Age  Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Methane Bros, Xenon 2 and the undisputed champion of football games, Sensible Soccer. 


Patricia had compiled a full list of her previous works with information about each of the projects, including links to the youtube videos where possible.



Thy Tran: quality assurance, games designer, amazing cook. Compared to Patricia Thy, is new to the games development arena, but has risen to the challenge of making sure that only the best quality games leave our studio.


Together they are Lucky Red Fish and are focused on bringing the best in gaming experiences to the mass market, giving the consumer high-quality entertainment.

Quality in all areas
Posted in :who are we on January 27th 2014

Quality in all areas is important to Lucky Red Fish, as our games must stand out amongst the plethora of games that are made these days.  They believe the only way a developer can standout is to be original and to produce the best quality work they can, which is why Lucky Red Fish spend about two years making just one game. Lucky Red Fish spend most of that time polishing, tweaking and adjusting everything, adding little touches here and there to make their games as perfect as they can.


Having spent over 35 years making games Patricia Curtis of Lucky Red Fish knows the difference between a good game and a great game. She applies all those years of knowledge to every aspect of her games, giving the game player the best possible game playing experience they can have.