Priority Order List for TX-1696

In collaboration with A Man In His Techno Shed and Bapstarcade we are taking priority reservations for Tx-1696 and other merchandise when released.

We are not asking for payment until the product is released, and at that time we will email you and ask you if you wish to proceed with an order, giving you a link to where you can make the purchase.

Add your name to the priority Orderlist for TX-1696

Add your name to the priority Orderlist for TX-1696

TX-1696 is steadily stepping towards completion therefore we think we should start thinking about how many will buy it and in which format, as that will help us price the game and select the best merchandise and packaging.

Would you like a boxed copy of the game with printed manual and SD card, or would you prefer a digital download?
Depending how well the game goes there may be an opportunity to grab some TX-1696 merchandise, therefore would you be interested in any of these?

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