Limited print run of TX-1696 in a soft touch big box.


  • Bootable SD card containing TX-1696.
  • 6 stickers to allow you to personalize your SD card.
  • 4 exclusive 18cm x 15cm artworks by Patricia Curtis.
  • Beautiful Eight page, full colour and stapled manual
  • Presented in a solid, soft touch cardboard box.
  • Shrink Wrapped.
  • Numbered boxes.

Please be aware that this is a 50Hz game and will not run on the next at 60Hz, it will display a warning and switch into 50Hz during the game loading sequence.

There is a lead time with the manufacture and delivery. We’ll be sure to keep you updated at every opportunity!



Battle through 5 graphically Stunning levels destroying wave after wave of EVIL aliens using a unique weapon system. TX-1696 is a hard, fast coin-op quality destructive action game with hot soundtracks to match.

Not only does each level have a unique mind-blowing digital sound track by the amazing Richard Faulkner, but the gameplay has also been honed to the perfect retro gaming experience by the king of retro playthroughs Bret Pritchard.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 4 cm