Something for the people learning to program.

John Blackburn, one of my old school programmer friends reminded me that there were many great magazines we all learned from back in the day as many contained type in programs, luckily they have been preserved for future generations at the

How I learned the commodore 64 basic and later machine code was from magazines like these, we would spend time typing in the listing and then debugging our typing errors to get them to run. Once we had the program up and running, we could change things and see what happens. It’s no different today reading other people’s code is the quickest way to learn.

So here are a a few links to some great magazines and books with type in programs.

Input Magazine

Input was published by Marshall Cavendish in the United Kingdom during 1984 and 1985, covering the subject of home computer programming.

Full collection here:

ZX Computing Magazine

ZX Computing Magazine was “Britains’s Biggest Magazine for the Sinclair User”, published from 1982-1987 by Argus Press.

Sixty programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Sixty Programs For The Sinclair ZX Spectrum by Robert Erskine, Paul Stanley, Michael Bews. A collection of 60 program listings for the ZX Spectrum computer. Published in 1983 by Pan Books. 288 Pages long.

Over the Spectrum

A book of type-in programs for the ZX Spectrum.

Super charge your Spectrum

Machine code and basic type in programs

Spectrum graphics and sound

Graphics and sound based type in programs

These are just a few i have looked at but there are many more on