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Well its was 2 years in the making and the game was completed almost 10 years ago and never released on the PC. I was talking to someone the other day and they reminded me of the game so i decided to release it for free.

Monkey Mofo has over 180 levels split over 18 worlds. Each world introduces a new element to the game, leading you in gently and teaching you everything you need to know, the later levels are tricky and offer a challenge to even the smartest game players. 


Download the installer


Tonga takes you on a journey to the most remote inhabited island in the world, where your Match-3 skills are used to battle the cult of the Birdman and its dominant god Makemake.

Rebound coloured spheres off the carved surfaces to reduce the spheres down to one colour by matching three or more. Call upon four elements; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water to aid you in your quest, release almighty power-ups and defeat the birdman. Purchase upgrades with your spiritual power earned during the bonus match 2 gameplay. Save Easter Islands’ civilisation from total chaos by preventing the evil Birdman cult from stealing what the Moai have been guarding for centuries.


  • Unique gameplay
  • Original theme
  • Full version has 58 levels
  • 16 Power-ups
  • 4 super weapons
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • 39 Power-up upgrades
  • Full version has 4 game modes
  • Match 3 game
  • Match 2 game
  • In game shop for fee upgrades
  • 9 secrets to discover
  • Adventure Mode
  • HD Graphics
  • Challenging level
  • Simple progression
  • Music by Nick Jonah Davis


Download the installer

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