Duplication of TX-1696

With TX-1696 finished and only some minor adjustments needed, its time to think about publishing the game that has taken us nearly 3 years to create. With that in mind the first step is to see about duplicating SD cards in bulk as we have over 350 pre-orders and that would need a lot of swapping of SD cards.

One solution would be to buy an SD card duplicating machine like the EZ DUPE SOHO Touch 1 to 10 SD Duplicator from amazon at £699.00 to make 10 copies making it £2.00 a copy just for the duplication and that’s without the price of the SD cards

The test

I believe that its just a matter of writing a multi-threading application to write the data to the SD cards synchronously, this could probably be written in C#, so I could use windows forms, but before I embark on yet another programming project, I thought I would check to see if someone has written one already. Luckily, they have, it’s called Disk Imager.


This small application lets you make back up images of your SD card, and then lets you write that image to multiple SD card or USB sticks.


I purchased a powered USB hub by Vemont with 7 ports so I could write seven SD cards at once, I also purchased Beikell High-speed SD/Micro SD Card Readers from amazon at a total cost £52.61, in hindsight I may have been able to buy cheaper SD readers as my old one worked just as fast.  

I made an image of the SD card and wrote 6 copies from it in under 6 minutes, some were done much faster, however for some reason some of the SD cards took much longer to write than others so I will call it 6 minutes. This would mean that it will take roughly 5-6 hours to make 350 SD cards at just £0.14p, this lower cost for duplication is not bad at all.

Next time we think about boxes and inserts!

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