Patricia’s Spectrum Next Graphics Links

Because I am collecting many more links I have decided to split them up into programming and art, this page is for the Art links.

The Programming Links can be found here

Michael Moore’s Next Graphics Tips

This document is designed to help the artist make better use of the Next abilities and hopefully will help to make your coders life a bit easier

Remy’s ZX Spectrum Tools

Welcome to my little playground of ZX Spectrum tools. You’ll find tools to let you quickly write and export BASIC programs and image tools to generate sprite sheets/tile .spr files and tools for Spectrum screen data generation.

A quick and dirty guide to creating pixel art

I’m an engineer, not an artist. But recently I jumped head first into the world of pixel art specifically for creating assets from scratch for small game projects. And trust me, if I can do it, then you can too, which is why I decided to write this.

Next Graphics

I wrote a tool in c++ to convert my bmp images into game images and files, my tool can be downloaded from here, however there are no guarantees, and if it doesn’t to what it should or you just want to say hello, please use the email address in the exe. I will be making this open source at some point but im still ironing the bugs and adding features. Also at some point I will write a manual for this, but for now you can try it using the in program help.

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