ZX Spectrum Next Assembler Developer Guide

By Tomaž Kragelj

Note from the Author

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The book was created from earlier Z80 undocumented work, which is clearly stated in the text. Original document is available as open source (the link is in the book), and the license allows reproduction. Nonetheless I approached the authors for confirmation which I got. I retained the same license so basically anyone can do almost anything with the sources. My main intention was to have this available as printed copy for myself, but as I was adding more and more stuff and spending considerable amount of time on it, I decided to make it public so others can benefit. So I made PDF free, but printing costs. I’m not in for money (I only get couple bucks from each copy, the majority are printing, shipping costs and publisher’s share). I’m mainly happy to give something back to this wonderful community.

I indeed left most of the original text in Z80 chapter untouched, it’s interesting read for Next developer too. But I modified LaTeX source completely to make it more reusable, maintainable and readable. I also fixed couple mistakes. Next specific and instruction details chapters are my own work though.

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