Color Shape


US at Lucky Red Fish are pleased to announce the release of Color Shape, the initial release is for android with other formats coming soon.

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Based on the Nobel Prize winning split brain experiments of the 1960s, Color Shape is a simple yet highly addictive game that will test your cognition and vision.

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The game runs through varying level of difficulty, starting with just two colors and shapes, and goes up from there. It’s very easy to play but hard to master.

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Your goal is to match the given color or shape by pressing the appropriate buttons. As the game continues, the complexity changes along with the amount of available shapes.

★ 20 shape sets to collect
★ Daily bonuses
★ 6 game mode challenges
★ Level jumps
★ 4 game customizations
★ Over 1000 challenging levels
★ Progressive game play
★ Compete in a worldwide league table
★ Social friends only league table