I am looking for a publisher for Doomsday.

An asteroid is hurtling towards earth, on a trajectory predicted to cause the extinction of all life as we know it. The clock is ticking and you must save as many people as you can before humanity is extinguished forever.

Doomsday is a Euro style set collection game with elements of worker placement, resource collection and mild take that, where players compete to launch their rockets before the time runs out.

Key Features

  • Simple, engaging game play.
  • Doomsday clock.
  • Player battles.
  • Multi use cards.
  • Little down time.
  • Thrilling throughout with an element of panic.
  • Multiple paths to victory.       


  • 78 Cards.
  • 66 Pawns.
  • 52 Blocks.
  • 13 Counters.
  • Game board.
  • 4 Player boards.
  • 4 guide sheets.
  • 1 Bag.
  • 8 page rule book.

UKGE Player Feedback

“When it’s published I would buy it, if you kick-start it, i will back it.”

Sandra Gwyn-Jones.

“It’s the best game I ever played it’s fun, exciting and strategic it gets tense near the end. The art work is excellent, so cool.”

Peter Boyes.

Object of the game

The object of the game is to construct a rocket and launch into space before the asteroid arrives, while scoring the highest total number of points. Where end of game points are awarded for seating as many passengers as possible, seating passengers in specific locations in the rocket, having the most passengers of each colour and launching your rocket first.

A game turn

Draw two cards: The player draws two new cards into their hand by drawing from either the players deck or from the face up cards in front of their opponents. If the player draws a Doomsday card the meteor is moved along the Doomsday track and the player draws another card.

Play sets: Play a set of cards with matching symbols or colour to perform one of the five player actions.

Construction: Add sections to their rocket.
Passenger selection: Take passengers from the earth and add them to their rocket.
Espionage: Try and steal rocket parts or passengers from another player.
Launch rocket: Move their constructed rocket along the launch track.
Victory point: Place a single card and score the points shown on the card.

About the designer

Patricia Curtis is an award-winning game designer, releasing 35 video games in the last 37 years. In her career she has designed both original titles and has been commissioned to design and develop some high-profile licenses for major brands.

For this sell sheet as a downloadable PDF or to see a video of the game being played. Also available are the rules online or a low quality PDF version.