2 thoughts on “TX-1696 User Reviews!”

  1. The game is excellent and a nice nod to the past, with hints of Xenon2: Megablast.

    I was able to play the digital download whilst waiting for the physical order to arrive.

    Playing on a 19″ CRT monitor, the game really looks stunning.

    There is a nice attention to detail on the artwork, animation and colour.

    The flow when flying and shooting/avoiding the enemies feels nice and smooth.

    The random weapon select works well, but having a small problem with the level 2 boss, I’ve since ordered an 8bitdo MD pad so I can weapon select.

    I initially played on an Arcader stick and the response is great, but just a little too much travel on the stick to be as precise as I like, another reason for the MD order above.

    The physical copy arrived today.

    Excellent colour and quality on the artwork, the cards all look great, haven’t chosen a sticker for the SD card yet.

    All in all, I’d highly recommend this game and its a great example of what can be done on the Next.

    Well done to the whole team:

    Patricia Curtis – Game & Artwork
    Richard Faulkner – Sound
    Bret Pritchard – king of retro playthroughs
    plus anyone else who helped with creation and release

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! While you’re waiting for the 8bitdo (it’s what i use – fantastic pad), you could try keyboard control. QAOP z/enter for select and space for fire.

      Glad you’re loving it!

      Rich (And Bret and Patricia by extension đŸ™‚ )

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