16 thoughts on “TX-1696 SHOWREEL”

  1. Stunning! I love it all – but especially want to reference the solar flares – reminiscent of Vulcan Venture I think! Awesome!

  2. Looks incredible! Can’t wait for this. Everything about it, Animation, sprites, Music, level variety all looks sounds top notch. Need to hear some sound effects now. Take my money for the physical edition.

      1. One thing i have noticed though if you don’t mind is some of the weapons/fire orb thing are the same colour )yellow/orange as the enemy fire. I would like to see them as a different pallet so you can distinguish from enemy fire better. Thoughts?

        1. Yes Bret, I am looking at the weapons again once I have level 4 done and the music in, as its a matter of priorities, the game is more than originally planned so much of it has been rewritten as I learned more about the next and the game changed, I think I made the weapon art over 12 months ago, so its about time it was revisited 🙂

          I spend lots of my time polishing, as I have to be happy with it before the public gets to see it.

  3. Hi, if it doesn’t bother you too much, what is the time /T-states/ cost of refreshing the 16KB RAM sprite ? Your game runs at 25 hz /?/. DMA feeds data to that sprite ram continuous mid-frame ? The big boss over 1/3 of the screen is composed of many sprites ? Thanks.

    1. The flicker you see is the sprite draw function drawing the sprites as it crosses the scan line, I have not optimized (counted T-states) the game as I don’t see the point because its fast enough the flicker may not occur or be apparent in the finished product if i reorganise it. It does not use the DMA to feed the sprite the dynamic DMA is all done off screen.

  4. It’s great to see new Spectrum Next developments like this raising the bar on quality, graphics, gameplay and overall delivery.

    Icons like Ultimate, Imagine and Vortex did the same.

    Looking fab 👍

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